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Username and password

Username/password authentication can be used by the HTTP/WebDAV protocol. While passwords are easy to use due to security concerns it's not suitable for use in automated/scripted use cases.

This section describes how to find your Swestore username and set your password.

Find username

  • First, open a new web browser tab/window and log in to the SUPR portal at

  • Click Accounts in the left hand menu to show the Accounts page.


  • Note your Username for the dCache Resource in the Swestore Centre.

Set password

  • To initiate the password change/reset process, click Reset Password

  • You should now be at the Swestore password change portal. Click on the Continue button.

  • If requested, log in to the SUPR portal.

  • You are now presented with the Prove Your Identity to Swestore page.

  • Click Prove My Identity to Swestore

  • You are now redirected back to the Swestore password change page again.

  • Choose a new password unique to Swestore.

    • NEVER use the same password for multiple resources! In particular the SUPR password and and Swestore password should be different.
    • The password should be at least 8 characters long.
    • It's better to use a long password that you are comfortable typing than a short password with lots of weird special characters that you get wrong.
  • Enter the new password in the Password and Verification text entry boxes and click Set.

  • The page will reload and display if the password change was successful or not.
    • If the text Password change was successful is displayed you have completed the password change procedure, close the web browser tab/window.
    • If an error message is displayed, note if there is any specific complaints (ie. password length), correct and retry.

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