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Apply for Swestore

This section details the administrative steps to get a your own project at Swestore, or how to become a member of an existing project.

Apply for storage

Storage should be applied for by a principal investigator (PI). Refer to the Qualifications section of the SNIC Guidline page for details on requirements to be eligible as PI.

All Swestore project allocations are managed using the Swedish User and Project Repository (SUPR). Please follow the instructions on the Apply for storage on Swestore page to apply for storage.

Apply for project membership

The PI and all other project members must register in SUPR and sign the NAISS User Agreement (if they did not do that previously).

Then all members must be added to the approved project by the PI. This can happen in two ways:

  • The PI (including eventual Proxy-PI:s) can add users to the project in SUPR:
    • Log in to SUPR
    • Click on the relevant project listed under the Projects heading in the left hand menu.
    • At the bottom of the Project Members list, click Add Member.
    • In the search dialog, enter information as appriopriate and click Search.
    • Find the appropriate person in the list and click Add.
  • You can request membership in the project:
    • Log in to SUPR
    • Click on the Projects heading in the left hand menu.
    • In the Request Membership in Project section of the page, fill in a project search criteria according to the on-page instructions and click Search for Project.
    • Locate the project and click Request button in the Request Membership column. The PI and any Co-PI will be notified of your request and approve/deny as they deem appropriate.

When your project membership is approved by the PI the Swestore system will map an account for you and add access to the project storage directory. Please wait for up to 10 minutes for this information to be distributed to Swestore. An email will be sent to the user when the process is complete.

Your account will appear under Accounts in the left hand menu in SUPR.

Finding the project storage

NAISS storage projects (including Swestore) are assigned a unique directory name across all NAISS resources.

To find the directory name for a storage project:

  • Log in to SUPR
  • Click on the project ID under Projects in the left hand menu.
  • The project Directory Name is shown in info section on top of the page.

See the Access and Using pages for more information.

Usage monitoring

On the project page in SUPR you can find your current usage:

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