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Swestore client setup and usage

Swestore presents a couple of API:s/transfer protocols and it's up to the user to find the right access method that fits the data model and workflow. There is no dedicated "Swestore client" and a multitude of different clients are available that can be used to access the system.

In many cases a couple different of clients would be needed. One for automatic uploading of data from experiments, one for simple browsing of data and one for downloading and uploading data for HPC processing and analysis.

Here we have documented a few of them, but there are many other ways to connect to Swestore. You can even "mount" Swestore using the Desktop "Map Network Drive" functionality on Linux, Windows and MacOS. This has, unfortunately, turned out to be rather unstable for production use.

Enabled access protocols

A design criteria for Swestore is to provide the storage over a number of standardized and public protocols. There is no vendor specific client needed for access.

Enabled authentication mechanisms

See the Access page.


Well supported within Swestore and the recommended protocol for new deployments.

Features: Regular HTTPS with the WebDAV extensions. The protocol is very common and is supported by many different clients. Direct transfer from/to storage pools available for high speed transfers using HTTP redirects. Transfer checksums available if supported by the client.

Access URL Features Transfers not redirected to the pools which means the best client compatibility but slower for large transfers. Redirects transfers to the pools, some clients not compatible. Fast. Redirects read transfers only, most clients compatible. Fast reads, slower writes.


Also called gsiftp. Well supported within Swestore. Not recommended for new deployments since it's based on the now retired Globus toolkit.

Features: Transfer checksums. Direct transfer from/to storage pools for high speed transfers. Well proven after decades of use by the high energy physics people.

Access URL

Choosing client and protocol

When choosing a client there are a number of different aspects that needs to be considered. Where will the transfers be initiated? Will Swestore be integrated in some data management portal?

Aspect Options
Workflow Interactive data access -- Scripted data access
Modus operandi Command line clients -- Graphical clients -- Web browser access
Platform Linux -- Windows -- MacOS
Authentication Certificate login -- username/password -- Macaroons -- Kerberos
Protocol WebDAV -- GridFTP -- (NFS) -- (Xrootd)
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